What Makes Bad Tom Smith Special?

Bad Tom Smith's Gravestone
Bad Tom Smith’s Gravestone

The history.  Bad Tom has a tie to history that they have fully embraced.  You can read the story of Bad Tom Smith (A relative of one of the owners) on their website, so I won’t rehash it all here, but I find it fun that every one of their beers has it’s own history with it.  You can read up on each beer while you are bellied up to the bar in their taproom tasting them all.

After a little trouble with their name, it’s nice to see Double Barrel, I mean, Bad Tom… uh, I mean Bad Tom Smith finally figure out who they were meant to be the whole time.  They have finally settled in to their name sake, and are slowly building momentum and becoming the brewery that we all want them to be.

The Space

The taproom is small, and can get crowded, but it gives the brewery a neighborhood feel that a lot of bigger places have started to lose.  Parking can be nightmare at times, and I can’t think of any way that’s a positive…but don’t let it dissuade you from checking the brewery out.  It’s fun to see a space that has been build from the ground up by people with a passion for taking something that they love, and sharing it with the community.

The Beers

They have beers with great stories attached to them… The standout for me is Finks Red Rye Ale, Named after the “King Of The River”, Mike Fink. But with 6-8 different beers, you need to try a flight while you are there, and make up your own mind, not take the opinion of some beer blogger to heart.

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