50West (2)What Makes 50 West Special?

50 West is unique in that they have a perfect combination of great food, and great beer, something that is becoming a rarity to find anymore, with most places focusing on either one or the other.  They have also become known locally for some amazing beer events, from the weekly ‘Penny Flips Tuesdays’ where with the flip of a penny a correct guess will buy your beer for $.01, to their Fifty Fest, a gathering of music and local beer.  They are also known to have limited bottle releases from time to time, which are always sure to feature some incredible beers.

50WestThe Space

Polished…thats the best way that I can think to describe the dark woods, gleaming copper bar top and dim lighting that you will find when you walk in the doors of the brewery.  The bar is flanked by big colorful chalkboards that tell you what beers are currently on tap.  Outside, the beer garden is full of big tables, hop vines crawling all over trellises, and the remains of their first VW bus known as “Penny Lane”.

50West (3)The Beers

It’s hard to nail down a description of style for 50 West.  One thing you can say about their beer selection is that it’s changing…always.  They keep a huge tap selection of beers that will be sure to please any palate that walks through their door.  Standouts include ‘Coffee Please Stout’ a wonderful coffee stout brewed with coffee from ‘Coffee Please’, a shop up the road in Madeira, and ‘Tripa’, their Triple IPA that will make any hop lover smile with it’s bright citrus hop aroma and nice big malty body.

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