What Makes Hofbrauhaus Special?

Hofbrauhaus Newport was the first Hofbrauhaus built in the United States, which in itself is something to be proud of.  It provides that exciting, fun Oktoberfest atmosphere year round and is a great place to take out of towners to experience some German Heritage here in a great German city.

Depending on how you look at it, Hofbrau is pretty old.  The Hofbrau Brewery was build in Germany in 1589, and became a very popular tourist attraction after WWII for Americans visiting, but it wasn’t imported into the United States until 1997.  Again, though, it wasn’t for another six years (2003 if you are as bad at doing math as I am) that the very first Hofbrau brewery opened in the United States in Newport, KY.

The Space

HofbrauLike I said before…this is like Oktoberfest year round.  It’s a German Beer hall… big communal tables, singing, dancing and drinking.  If you are bringing someone, or it’s your first visit…go on a weekend when it’s busy.  I think this is the best way to get the atmosphere, there needs to be a thick crowd to experience it the way it is meant.

The Beers

Hofbrauhaus brews beers that are atypical for other local breweries.  They brew delicious, easy drinking German lagers.  This is the perfect beer for a summer afternoon, in a big liter mug with a pretzel and a sausage.  I can’t even begin to explain how close drinking like this is to my heart… It’s good stuff.  Standout beer for me is the Dunkel, a style that not a lot of places brew…but is delicious.  Go try it!


200 E. 3rd Street – Newport

Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm
Friday & Saturday 11am-2am


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