What Makes Listermann/Triple Digit Special?

ListermannListermann is the center of the beer universe here in Cincinnati, and honestly, even farther than that.  Dan Listermann started making home-brew supplies back in the 90s, and was an innovator in brewing supplies technology.  Due to this, so many local, and regional brewers got their start right in Dan Listermann’s home-brew shop.

Another unique aspect of Listermann/Triple digit is the division of the brewery into two separate breweries of sorts.  Listermann is their “normal” every day drinkable beers, while Triple Digit brewing is their higher gravity (higher alcohol) brews.

The Space

The taproom has the feel of a friends basement, or patio.  It’s a friendly space, that isn’t massive, it’s often filled with great conversations that are held by people who know their beer, and thusly, you have an opportunity to learn some great stuff while sitting at Listermann’s big communal tables.  They have recently done some renovating, adding a small patio outside for those warm days when a beer just seems appropriate.

The Beers

Listermann (1)Listermann has a great rotating tap list of beers that are anything but ordinary…but everything tasty.  The standout on the Triple digit side of things (Their higher gravity brand) is Chickow!  a wonderful hazelnut brown ale.  On the Listermann side of their beers, it’s hard to go wrong with the delicious Peanut Butter Porter called Nutcase.  But if you see something that you love, make sure you get it, Listermann is notorious for their experimentation which means you may fall in love with something that you won’t see again.


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