What Makes MadTree Special?

MadTree has the honor of being the first craft brewery in Ohio to can their beer…which in itself doesn’t give you a reason to drink there…but it certainly got some hype building about them before they opened.  The hype was well deserved with this brewery, and it has shown in their meteoric growth in their first couple of years.  They have a taproom that is always busy… full of people, some regulars, and some first timers, all with one thing in common, a love for what the brewery is doing for the city.  They are arguably one of the local favorites, and this spot is very well deserved.

The Space

MadTree (1)The taproom is situated amongst the brewery and sits in the shadow of a massive wall of fermenters, making sure you never forget that beer doesn’t get much fresher than this.  I love breweries like this, that will make the newer drinker more curious about where their beer comes from, and the process in which it has gone through to get into their glass.

New renovations have given drinkers a great, private patio outside to sit in nice weather, play some corn hole, and relax from the hectic brewery atmosphere inside.

The Beers

MadTreeAlthough all their beers are delicious, with madtree having a solid lineup of year round offerings as well as some amazing seasonals and barrel aged offerings, I am the biggest fan of anything they are offering with the “hoff stevens” name attached to it.  If you aren’t familiar with what a hoff stevens keg is Queen City Drinks has a great post about it.  In addition, we can’t mention their beers without mentioning their beautiful artwork on their cans.  I am a big fan of design, and MadTree knocks it out of the park with each new release that they put on the shelf.


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