Paradise Brewing SuppliesWhat Makes Paradise Special?

Taking a card out of Listermann’s playbook, Paradise started out as a home-brew supply store (and still is) but opened an onsite taproom in 2014.  Homebrewers at heart, the folks at Paradise brew the kits that they sell in the store.  If you are curious if you are going to like a home brew kit before you buy it… you can try it right there in the store, this is a different step than Listermann’s has gone, but one I appreciate very much as an amateur home brewer.

Paradise BrewingThe Space

The space is a store as I have mentioned, and with that in mind, it’s not set up like some of the other local breweries are to hang out and drink.  It’s a place to try beer… learn a little, and do your shopping.  That being said… it’s pretty fun to hang out here and talk to some of the brewing minds that come and go in the store.  There are a few barstools and a couple big pub tables where you can sit down and have a pint or two and do just that.

Paradise BrewingThe Beers

The brewery is working on a very small system right now (They are one of the first nano-breweries to open in the Cincinnati area).  Because of the small scale of their system, the taps rotate pretty often, making it fun to come into the taproom and see what is on tap at any given time.  As I mentioned above, to me, the best part of their beer selections is your ability as a homebrewer to walk right in the store and buy a kit of the beer that you love if you desire to make your own batch.  It’s a fun concept that makes drinking their delicious beers that much more enjoyable!


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