I have a love for the drink… I am not ashamed of it.  More specifically I love beer, and even more than that I love local beer.  The last few years have been exciting for the Cincinnati beer scene.  We have gained so many new breweries, making some really exciting beers.  We have started to gain a real community around it all, and I wanted to take part in this community some how.  As a fan of knowledge of any kind, I wanted to create a depository of local beer knowledge, trivia, and information that might be of use to anyone else like-minded, and you seem to have stumbled upon this depository somehow.  It’s new, and I apologize for that, but I promise that as you return here over the coming days, weeks, months and years you will find more and more helpful, and also useless information.  Perhaps you will find a beer review, or a bar review or just a pretty picture of a beer glistening in the sunlight…I don’t know what all is in store, time will tell.  Thank you for checking it out! – The Gnarly Gnome.

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