Rhinegeist (3)What Makes Rhinegeist Special?

Ask any person who has been to Rhinegiest about the brewery and the comments are all the same.  The space takes your breath away… it’s amazing the first time that you see it, but I will explain a bit more about that in the next section.  The beer that Rhinegiest brews is tasty too.  They have mastered “their style”, and have truly helped make beer something special here in Cincinnati again, but I’ll explain more about that in a minute as well.

What makes them special is a combination of it all.  The space, the beer, the people, and the “other factor”…that magic something that is so hard to explain to people.  I think of it as an atmosphere.  When you are at Rhinegiest it just feels very different than our other breweries do.  You feel like you are part of a big community of beer lovers and this is your space to be together.  Noone else in Cincinnati has really captured this quite yet, and certainly not at the scale that Rhinegeist has.  It’s a feeling to behold.

Rhinegeist (2)The Space

I mentioned a bit about the space before, but words can’t really describe the feeling properly.  When you ascend the concrete stairs the first time it can never really be recreated, except through the experience of new friends that you bring to the taproom.   As you get to towards the top of the stairs and the taproom, you can start to hear the laughter and chatter of the drinkers above you, and stepping into the massive cavernous brewery space you can’t help but smile and the enormity of it all.

Rhinegeist has mastered the taproom atmosphere, with corn hole boards, ping pong, and foozeball you can spend a lot of time in the taproom, just hanging out and drinking in a family friendly atmosphere unlike any other.

The Beers

The beer has won awards.  It’s become a go-to favorite of drinkers all across the city, and it’s done it for a reason.  They tend towards a style that is popular… hoppy, but easy drinking beers that satisfy both hop-heads and the hop-shy alike.  But that doesn’t mean they are a one trick pony.  They can brew stouts and porters with the best of them as well.  Rhinegiest has something on tap that will ignite your curiosity, and satisfy your cravings no matter what type of drinker you tend to be.

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