RivertownWhat Makes Rivertown Special?

Rivertown has undergone a lot of changes in the last couple years, but the thing that keeps making them special is their sour and barrel programs.  Rivertown makes beers that other breweries around this area can only tinker and experiment with.  Their sours are delicious… and they have some great stuff that might help the future sour fans “ease their way into it” as well.

The Space

Rivertown’s taproom has undergone some great changes along with the brewery itself.  The taproom is not too exciting from the outside… situated in an industrial park that might make you feel like your GPS has led you astray.  Once you get in the taproom, however, you will find a bustling brew space, with video games and one of what I consider the best tours in the city.

The Beers

Sours… Lambics… Barrel Aged Beers.  Rivertown had the “funky” down to a science.  If you haven’t tried sour before, I like to recommend people start with their “Divergent” with some of the syrups that they offer on the bar…it helps to cut down the sourness so you can ease yourself into a world that can be hard to get back out of…

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