JungleJims-LogoMy favorite grocery store is home to my favorite bar, which hosts my favorite weekly beer event on Friday nights.  Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield is host to a weekly pint night that becomes the go to place for me after work on Fridays.  Their beer tasting bar has 16 taps, and on Fridays they bring in a few additional taps of a “featured brewery” and offer pints for 3 dollars

JungleJimsBeerincluding a glass that you get to keep.  Not all of their beers have a glass, but you can still get a pint of whatever you would like, making this a great deal regardless of what beer you might prefer.  They usually have Servati’s pretzels available, and often cheese and cracker plates as well, but the thing about the event that I love more than anything is the people that you will meet.  It’s location in a grocery store/ tourist destination leads this event to have a lot of “passers by” that might not attend a beer event, but will see it going on, and wander on over for a drink.  You are always guaranteed a good time, with some laughs and some great beer, so if you haven’t been… put it on your calendar!  Check out @JunglesBeerGuy or @TheGnarlyGnome on twitter for updates each week on what the featured brewery is, and you can always go to their website to see what is currently on tap, they do a very good job at keeping it up to date.

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