We are the underdogs…we always seem to be.  In sports, in life.  No one seems to root for this city to do well in anything, except those of us who live here.  We just don’t seem to notice this fact in Cincinnati.  We just keep chugging along.

It goes this way for beer as well.  Other cities tell us that we have fallen behind.  Our beer scene isn’t as big or as strong. I’ve heard it all before, and I don’t care.  We have an amazingly diverse selection of brewers here, doing amazing things.  We have beer in our veins, these streets were paved with beer suds.  Our city itself in the last few years has started to really embrace itself as a beer town.  We are drunks, and we are finally comfortable and proud enough to say it out loud.  We drink because it’s who we are.

At the end of the day, everyone wants the underdog to win.  And win we will because we can’t fail.  If the mission of Cincinnati’s beer scene is to brew amazing beer that is enjoyed by people who love beer, we have already succeeded.  We have made a name for ourselves in our own backyards and beyond.  So perk up, pour yourself a beer, and be a proud drunk like you were born to be.

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