Brewery- Hudepohl-Schoenling
Beer- Amber Lager
ABV- 5.2%
IBU- 19

Hudepohl Amber Lager is meticulously crafted to pay tribute to the 125th Anniversary of the Hudepohl Brewing Co. This rich, amber lager is made from pure quality ingredients and limited to malt, hops, yeast and water.

Hudy Amber was never about being the flashiest, or biggest craft beer out there.  It was a beer that was designed to be full flavored, yet approachable for a more “mass audience”.  It fits in with it’s siblings Hudy Delight and Hudy 14-k, while providing a little more flavor to the party.

Things were changed up in 2015, when Moerlein wanted to bring the beers production back to Cincinnati (it was being contract brewed out of state prior to that). In the process of figuring out the recipe on the new system, the question was asked “can we make this beer better?”  The answer was a resounding yes – and the beer was retooled and reimagined as Hudy Pure Lager.  The brewery didn’t anticipate the fans that Hudy Amber had gained in the meantime.

There are certainly plenty of people who were sad to see it go, which is why it’s rumored return in 2018 is being met with some happy smiles across Cincinnati!  Stay Tuned!

My Thoughts On Hudepohl Amber Lager

The beer pours a clear, amber color with a solid, light tan head on top.

I get aromas of bread and grassy grains… rich and caramel-y

The taste can be slightly metallic, but nice and bready with a little kiss of hop flavor that you don’t find in a lot of “cheaper” easy drinking beers.

This beer is welcome in my refrigerator anytime, right next to any of the flashier craft beers that I get around town!


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