Just a quick thought on things that drive me insane about beer bars.  Hopefully current bars can learn from the mistakes of others to make these less of an issue for drinkers like myself.

  • I love that you have a beer menu…but if your beer menu is not up to date, and there are taps or bottles on it that you no longer have, or there are things that you have that are not on your list, it defeats the purpose of the entire menu.
  • If you are my waiter or waitress, you should know what beers you have.  You are here to guide the customer and help them order their food and drink.

It’s these simple things that absolutely drive me crazy.

1 thought on “Pet Peeves”

  1. You may not be looking to add to your list, but on TWO separate recent occasions, I’ve asked a waitperson “what do you have on tap?”. One didn’t know what I was talking about, and the other started telling me they have margaritas, pina coladas (it was a Mexican restaurant… in Milford).

    This was a month after being at a very good craft bar (in Mariemont) and asking for a flight and the waitress there had no clue what that was.

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