There was a bit of griping when some local drinkers found out that Braxton Brewing Company was launching a Kickstarter campaign.  Their concerns seem to have been all but silenced this week when the campaign launched on Tuesday. As of this post, the brewery has raised over $23,000 with backers averaging over $100 each showing that the city is getting excited about the launch of what is being called “the Taproom of the Future”.

Supporters are clearly putting their money where their mouths are raising the question… Why?

We love beer, I think all our local breweries understand that, But aside from all the glitz and glam that Braxton is bringing to the community, there is something else there.  A community is actually forming around the brewery itself.  Others locally are glimpsing upon the concept but not really hitting it square on the head.  Braxton from their very start has nailed it.

There are a lot of our local breweries that started in basements or garages, but Braxton refuses to let go of that.  Braxton is still in a garage, brewing beer for people, who love beer. They have embraced having anyone willing to become part of the team, and people are flocking to the idea. We all want to be part of this community…and now we can.  Sure… You get some great swag when you join… But I am confident that people are doing this for a bigger reason… Something more exciting.

Make note, this is the point that our beer scene takes a turn into something a bit different.  This is when people start to embrace and take pride in ownership of their own beer scene.  Be Gnarly… Be different… DRINK LOCAL!

Learn more about Braxton on their website, and on Facebook.

See their kickstarter campaign here, and become a Braxton Builder.

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