If you haven’t read elsewhere yet, Rivertown is being bought out…. By Rivertown.  Jason Roeper is buying out long time partner Randy Schiltz in a move to turn the brewery from “local brewery” to a “regional brewery”.  The move will allow Roeper to focus more on the styles of beer he feels seperate the brewery from it’s neighbors around the city.  Wild, extreme beers will be their new norm.

Heres the real question… Is this good for the Cincinnati beer scene?  There is no doubt that the move is one that will hopefully make the brewery more money.  The focus on their unique beers that are their big sellers is probably smart from a business perspective. I can’t help to come at it from a Cincinnati beer fan, though. The reasoning to focus more on distribution regionally because lots of Cincinnatians live elsewhere is flawed in my mind.  It might be selfish to think that we should remain in our own bubble, but there is something about having a community that is supportive of itself and pushes each other forward.

I don’t want to see Roebling gone… I will cry without the dunkel.  Wit?  Lil Sipa?  What is on the chopping block? Roeper is being tight lipped right now about the changes that we will see.

And what about Randy Schiltz?  Is he done with this industry, or will we see him doing something else here in the city?

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