Part two… Myths about beer that you can’t always believe. If you haven’t read part one, there is a link for you at the end of the article.

Wine is more complex than beer.

There is an almost unlimited amount of ingredients and combinations thereof that are put into your glass of beer, whereas wine doesn’t have it. I’m not going to go and say that wine isn’t complex, or delicious, but it’s not even close to beer. Wine has gained a reputation over the years that it’s more “sophisticated” or that it’s somehow better, but I think that our creative modern day brewers have more than proved this to be wrong…

TRUTH: Beer is a complex beverage that deserves your respect, wine may deserve respect too…but at the end of the day, it’s just grape juice that got a little boozy.

Young people just abuse alcohol.

I have a confession. I drank before I turned 21. I’m going to go on a limb here and say that most of you did too. That doesn’t mean, though, that you abused the drink, and I can tell you that I didn’t either (for the most part…). The truth of young people drinking is that since the 80s heavy alcohol use among young people has dropped dramatically. Even more importantly alcohol related traffic injuries and deaths among young people continues to drop every year.

There is a growing number of young people…of legal age, and not, that are craft beer drinkers, not because of peer pressure, or the desire to get “wasted” but because they love beer.

TRUTH: Kids may not be smart…but they aren’t all drunks like they are portrayed to be.

Draft beer is better than bottled or canned beer.

Good draft beer might be great, but we unfortunately have to rely on our drinking establishments to keep their beer lines in good condition to give us the best draft beer possible, which not every place does. ┬áSometimes you get a pint that just tastes… off – because sometimes it is.

TRUTH: Beer can be great… tap, bottle, can or otherwise… but I can be bad in all those also.

Beer bellies are caused by beer.

Beer bellies are caused by overindulging in something. I assure you that too many Cheetos will give you a beer belly just as much as too many imperial stouts will as well. The trick to life is moderation, in everything. Overdo it, and it will catch up with you.

TRUTH: Don’t blame beer when you have a reserved table at McDonalds.

Beer is for Men, wine is for Women.

I’m ending with one that has really started to get to me. The beer industry has grown leaps and bounds with it’s old sexist ways, but it still has a long way to go. If you think that beer is only for guys, and there is no way a woman could possibly have good taste in beer, you need look no farther locally than Cincinnati’s very own Brown Ale Girl, or Lindsay from Love Beer, Love Food to see that this is a load of crap. There are countless other examples that you can find of women in the craft beer industry and it’s offshoots that are better, more informed drinkers than you are.

TRUTH: Beer is for everyone… and we do it well.


Much like part one, this should give you a few more things that you will most likely hear about beer at some point. And now you know…. It just isn’t true.

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