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There are quite a few breweries in the Cincinnati area, which is a very good thing…but when you are going through the process of opening up another one, it’s hard t find a niche that hasn’t already been tapped into.  However, Darkness Brewing (hoping to open this fall in Bellevue) has found their place…the dark side of things.  They plan to focus primarily (But not entirely) on dark beers.  These Porters and Stouts that I know are loved by so very many craft beer fans will be flowing through their taps in their laid back lounge-style taproom.

The Space

They have taken a lease on a space at 224 Fairfield Avenue, right in the heart of Bellevue Kentucky.  They loved the space due to it’s close location to interstates for all of Cincinnati’s thirsty craft beer fans, but also because it sits right in a pedestrian rich corridor “in town”.  The taproom will have a very “lounge-like” feel, with a big garage door to let in the summer weater, a stage for live music, plenty of games for you and your friends to hang out and play and a 12-14 person bar in the front tap-room area.

They have plans for a roof-top beer garden in the future (their rooftop was once used to showcase cars in the buildings past life, so it would provide the perfect area for this use.

The Beers


Like I mentioned before, the brewery has plans to focus primarily, but not entirely on dark beers… here are some of their planned offerings:

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