imageYou might have seen a little bit last month when I “leaked” some of Rivertown’s new labels to show Cincinnati a little bit of their new, refreshed Art Deco look.  I also had a quick Twitter post last week when I caught six packs of Roebling “In the wild” at Jungle Jim’s, but this week the puzzle keeps getting completed with another piece, the first glimpse we’ve had at their new 750ml bottle of Barrel Aged Old Sour Cherry Porter.

The bottles show a cartoonish view of some of Rivertown’s many barrels that you can see down at their brewery, and definitely take on a different feel that their lineup of 12oz bottles do.  All that being said, I look forward to not only seeing these on the shelf, but seeing what else Rivertown has up their sleeves, and how the entire look starts to come together down in Lockland.

BBL Old Sour Cherry

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