9GiantBuildingPlanBear with me if you’ve heard this already, as Jesse Folk had a great post already about the upcoming Nine Giant Brewing.  This is all going to be a re-hash of what has already been written.  This one has been fun, in that it sort of snuck up on a lot of people, with word of the brewery’s existence popping up at the same time they secured the lease for their space on Montgomery Rd.

Nine Giant is the product of brother’s in law Brandon Hughes, and Michael Albarella, both huge beer fans that hope to bring their different coast styles to meet in the middle here in Cincinnati.  The brewery itself is going to be 3-5bbls which puts it right on the line of being a “nano” brewery (commonly accepted definitions put a nano-brewery at 4bbl systems or less) which seems to be where we are going to see the most growth in Cincinnati in the next couple years, with breweries such as DogBerry, Fibonacci and the like springing up to meet beer needs in their smaller respective neighborhoods.

Nine Giant has plans to set themselves apart from other breweries, especially their nano-brethren.  First, they don’t plan on having any real “year round” beers, instead sticking to certain styles year round.  This approach will give the drinker, for instance, a different IPA each time you visit the taproom.  Second is the taproom itself, which will offer food with the goal being to take standard bar food and elevate it to another level.  The menu will have smaller, tapas style plates.

The time frame right now, which is what everyone wants to know when news of a new brewing operation comes to light, is looking like late summer-ish.  With their paperwork not yet filed with the State, it’s hard to say exactly, but it looks like you will be drinking Nine Giant beer much sooner than some of these other breweries that have been teasing us for longer, and have seemingly stalled out.

So… stay tuned to hear more about this project, as I will obviously keep you in the loop as time goes on.  Good luck Nine Giant, I can’t wait to have a pint!

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