For those that have been paying attention to Cincinnati, you might be familiar with Grayscale and it’s brewing plans.  Today they announced the name of their brewery project – Urban Artifact.

They originally had plans to move into the former Jackson Brewery building in OTR, but after discovering the many structural problems that the building faced, they were on the lookout for a new location, which brought them to Northside, in the Old St. Pius X church building (more recently the space held a bakery).  Construction is well under way, and if you are a twitter fiend, you might have seen their tanks being delivered recently.

The side of Urban Artifact that I find most interesting, is their tie to local art, and most of all, Music.  The space (3 buildings in total) will have a large taproom that will also house a performance space.  These shows will all be recorded and posted online for digital distribution (Performances which are not anticipated to have a cover charge).

It’s all part of some really fun additions to Cincinnati’s beer world as a whole – make sure you stay tuned for more details about the brewery in the coming months, as plans are currently to open as early as February with beer moving out the door by April.

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