Red Hop MessBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Red Hop Mess
ABV- 7.4%
IBU- 70

Just like the creations of a mad scientist, brewing an exceptional beer requires the dynamic blend of art, science, and a touch of crazy innovation. Our team of craft brewers collaborated on this unique red IPA with a recipe bearing the perfect fusion of malt and a mad dose of Amarillo hops. The result, Red Hop Mess — the elusive elixir — a stroke of pure genius with just the right amount of madness.

Christian Moerlein has really started to step their game up in the wake of all the new breweries that are calling Cincinnati home.  They have started creating some truly tasty beers that compete with anything that the new guys around town are brewing, and Red Hop Mess is no exception to that.  The beer is a “Red IPA” which means just what you think it does…it’s big and hoppy with a healthy addition of Amarillo, but its got a big malt character as well.

In the glass it pours a ,surprise, red color with a nice healthy light tan head on it.  Very pretty to look at, but its hard to ignore the floral fruity aromas that are already hitting your nose.

Digging into the aroma you’ll get the nice big grapefruit and floral hop aroma that you are expecting with some nice tropical fruit notes as well.  If you really start sniffing away, you can find the bready malt aromas that linger behind it all.

Flavor is where this one really starts to shine.  Your first sip will bring the bitter hop flavors…but as you let it linger on the palate you can start to really see the multi layered nature of this beer.  It’s got a subtle sweet bread flavor that holds it all together into a really solid beer, almost reminding me of a sweet hoppy tea.  This is one for your shopping cart when you see it, for sure.  Awesome job Moerlein!

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