Rivertown-DivergentBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Divergent
ABV- 3.8%
IBU- 10

Flappers have always been a symbol of change and rebellion, harkening to a time where challenging the norm was all the rage. This beer embraces and celebrates that vibrant, relentless spirit. Representing the rebirth of a brewery and the reclamation of a dream, this beer is a completely contradictory experience where the wort is soured, the hops are minimized and the beer is filtered to be brilliant. Crisp, delicate, cutting edge, complex and tart, pouring a bright citrine with a nose of gently soured rind fruit, this beer is exactly what is needed when looking for a little something…Divergent.

Divergent marked a new era for Cincinnati’s Rivertown brewing.  It was the moment that the brewery figured out that they were sour beer fans, sour beer producers, and wanted to have core styles that represented that idea.  This beer debuted alongside the darker Souless when Rivertown decided to refocus and kick their sour game up to a new level.

If there is such a thing as an approachable sour, Divergent is meant to be just that.  The beer pairs well with their barbeque that they offer at their brewpub, and while it’s certainly tart it’s not so challenging that it will blow the palate off of a drinker who might not be familiar with the style.

My Thoughts On Rivertown Divergent

In the glass, Divergent pours golden straw colored, with an extremely thin and quickly dissipating head on it.

The aroma has some notes of apples and bright citrus, with a little bit of funkiness hiding behind it.

The flavor of Divergent leaps into the citrus and fruitiness full on, packing a nice punchy tart character that makes it refreshing and perfect for a hot day.

Rivertown - Divergent - 2014


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