Mike CzechI was going to try to hold off on writing this until they were closer to coming out, but I suppose since Brew Professor wrote about it it’s going to be old news by then.  Our city has a ton of great breweries, but as of now most of them still don’t offer packaged beer.  With Cellar Dweller and Old Firehouse coming soon, Ei8ht Ball’s addition of cans will start to help turn that statistic around.

The cans are a great design that is very similar to what they are doing with their growlers, with one standard checkerboard design and on the can with individual labels that designate which beer it is.  They plan on only offering one beer at a time, with the same sku being used for whatever the current offering is. Their usage of the label comes across perfect with the theme of the brewery and almost makes it seem like they’ve had this in their mind the whole time.

Red DrinkThe Beers

We currently know four of the cans that we will be seeing in bars and bottle shops:

  • Tarnished – Golden Ale
  • Prodigal – Pale Ale
  • Red Drink – Red IPA
  • Mike Czech – Pilsner

ProdigalWhat we don’t know yet is what order they will come out in or how often we will see releases yet.  We know that we will see the first of the line sometime in early summer.

As usual… Stay tuned here and I’ll get some pictures up of the final cans as soon as they’re available to me.  I had the chance last month to get a sneak peek of the can design, and I can tell you that it looks great in person and will definitely stand out on the shelf with all the other cans we are bombarded with.

TarnishedBravo Ei8ht Ball! I can’t wait!

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