Rivertown-JeannekeBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Jeanneke
Style: Belgian Blonde Ale
ABV- 6.2%
IBU- 25

Many know of Jeanneke’s big brother, Manneken-Pis, who proudly relieves himself into a fountain basin in Brussels Belgium, but little Jeanneke, hidden discreetly at the end of an unlit, unmarked, dead end alley, proudly squats and smiles offering tenderness and virtue to anyone who witnesses her brazen display. Our Belgian Blonde Ale was created by Rob Westendorf, a Cincinnati HomeBrewer who has since won many awards in his perfection of this style. Inspired by a trip he took to Brussels where he first met Jeanneke and drank the most incredible Belgian Blonde ales, he was determined to brew a Blonde that would do justice to his incredible experiences. Featuring Belgian beet sugar, imported aromatic hops, spicy noble hops and pilsner barley, Jeanneke is playful, fruity, crisp and, just as in real life, wonderfully balanced.

What Do I Think About It?

I’m not really sure what Belgian beet sugar is… but I do know what clean, crisp and refreshing is.  This is a great summer beer and something that will challenge the palates of a lot of macro drinkers without turning them off completely.

Jeanneke pours a very nice straw-gold color with a big white, foamy head on it.  You’re treated to a wonderful bouquet of light floral hop notes, and an outdoorsy quality that I love.  The taste of this beer is very refreshing, with a great belgian peppery flavor that doesn’t overly dominate what is otherwise a very easy drinking ale.  I want to emphasize the easy drinking qualities of this beer without turning some of you off, thinking it’s some kind of a boring gateway style beer.  This is a really good beer.  It seems like this beer would be as at home on a warm afternoon as it would be a cool fall evening, and that’s a tough balance to find!

Rivertown - Jeanneke - 2014


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