GreatCrescent - Belgian Style DubbelBrewery- Great Crescent
Beer- Belgian Style Dubbel
ABV- 7%
IBU- 22

Great Crescent Belgian-Style Dubbel has a rich malty sweetness with hints of caramel and spice – typical flavors of the yeast strain we use, originating from the Wallonia region of Belgium.  We use local honey instead of the traditional Belgian candy sugar, which lightens the body.

This is delicious…let me just start with that.  This beer isn’t as “belgian-y” as you’d expect…but the honey comes through wonderfully.  I love the way they have created this beer…bucking style a bit and putting their own spin on it.

Light and refreshing with a crisp mouthfeel, this is a great warm weather beer and would be fantastic with food.  Bravo, Great Crescent!

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