Great Crescent - Cherry AleBrewery- Great Crescent
Beer- Cherry Ale (French Farmhouse Style Ale Fermented With Cherries)
ABV- 5.8%
IBU- 19

French farmhouse ales are a traditional brew made to refresh farm workers during the harvest in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. This 2014 Summer Seasonal from Great Crescent Brewery is crafted in the same French-farm tradition. Then we add a special variety of tart Michigan-grown cherries to bring out the natural spiciness and clean finish. Just right for hot Summer weather. Cheers!

Bursting with cherry flavors, and a great crisp mouthfeel that is delivered with it’s lively carbonation, this is a nice take on a Belgian Style, but twisted a bit to meet the vision that Great Crescent had in mind.  Very good tasting beer… Tastes like it’s meant to go with a nice ice cream dessert or a big slice of pie…. Delicious!

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