MadTree-GalaxyBrewery- MadTree
Beer- Galaxy High
Style- Imperial IPA
ABV- 10.2%
IBU- 120

At Galaxy High, the beer has 120 IBUs, 10.2% ABV yet finishes nice and dry. Join two New Zealand hops as you encounter a crazy collection of tropical and dank flavors throughout this Imperial IPA. It’s big on your palate… disruptive even. Think ‘trophic cascades’ disruptive.

The ‘High Series’ is no joke.  Talk to any hophead around Cincinnati and you’ll hear it’s beers mentioned over and over.  MadTree doesn’t mess around with these beers… High in ABV, High in IBUs – there is a reason these are hyped up when they are released a couple times a year, and that hype is very well deserved.

My Thoughts On MadTree Galaxy High

It’s a beauty, Galaxy High, just when you look at it in the glass.  Orange in color with a nice big fluffy head on top.

Aromas are dank and full of tropical fruit… though that dankness is hard to look around for the other flavors – it slaps your nose and lingers in the air above your beer glass.

The slapping of senses doesn’t stop there, though.   This is a big beer, and you get that as soon as it hits your taste buds.  Full flavored and extremely dank at the very top of the taste…this is sticky, and awesome.  But as the flavor lingers (and it will linger on the tongue for a while) you can start to really appreciate the underlying fruitiness that the hops also bring to the party.

Really great beer, and one that we are absolutely lucky to have in packaging, even if it only comes out a couple times a year.  BUY THIS BEER.

MadTree - Galaxy High



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