Moerlein Altered WheatBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Altered Wheat
ABV- 5.3%
IBU- 35

Good beer should be enjoyed with good friends.  We took this to heart when we asked two of our brewers, who have been lifelong friends to created a new altered view on pale ale.  Altered Pale Ale is a unique blend of 2-row and wheat malt with an abundant use of hand-selected hops alongside our main ingredient: Friendship.  Christian Moerlein Altered Pale Ale is the hoppy equivalent to a tight group of besties. Keep your friends close, and this can even closer.

I’m not 100% sure what friendship tastes like, but I can tell you that this beer is pretty tasty.  Is it a pale ale?  Is it a wheat beer?  I’m also not really sure on that one, but that’s the type of craft beer that I really love.  A beer that makes you think, makes you talk.  And this beer does just that.

It pours a very beautiful copper color with a big fluffy white head on it.  Aromas of bread and a very fresh sweetish grassiness hit your nose.

When you taste this beer you are greeted with a big flavor full of fresh spicy and earthy hops, with a caramel undercurrent of bread.  What really strikes me is the fuller mouthfeel, that is washed away nice and clear.  This is a perfect beer for a warm day, it’s clean, refreshing and fresh tasting.  Great Stuff!

Moerlein - AlteredPale

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