MtCarmel - IPABrewery- Mt. Carmel
Beer- IPA
ABV- 7%

Our India Pale Ale is orange in color, entering with a pine hop aroma, followed by a rich malty body with hints of sweet biscuit, leaving with a lasting spicy hop finish.

There is a huge quantity of IPAs being crafted around town, and even farther out, but it seems like more and more people are making their IPAs to be bigger and hoppier than the ones before them.  Much like everything else that they do, Mt. Carmel does their IPA differently to a big extent.  It’s crafted to “just be an IPA” something delicious.

The golden orange color is the first thing that you notice, quickly followed by the bright Pine aroma that hides a bready malt character underneath it all.  All this is punctuated by a beautiful full mouthfeel and a great finish.

Great beer from a great brewery.  Cheers!

Mt. Carmel - IPA

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