AxisMundiIt’s starting to seem like a trend on here, but this week’s event of the week just has to be the release of the first ever bottled beer from MadTree brewing, Axis Mundi.  To understand why this is such a big deal to beer drinkers in the city, you have to first understand what Axis Mundi is…let’s start with what the brewery says about it:

The Siberians believed there was a ‘World Tree’ that served as the Axis Mundi, connecting the different worlds through its roots and branches. While this Russian Imperial Stout isn’t necessarily the world’s cosmic axis, it does connect rich flavors in a way to deliver you a cosmic beer.

If you can wade through what that means…good for you.  I’ll break it down a little bit if you can’t, though.  Axis Mundi provides a big roasted coffee flavor that is punctuated by a earthy, and almost herbal flavor that a lot of Russian Imperial Stouts don’t have.  For this bottle release, you aren’t just getting the “regular” version of Axis Mundi that you can find on tap fairly frequently.  This is the bourbon barrel aged version of the beer which bring a nice oaky and vanilla flavors to the party.

This is a beer that Cincinnati can really be proud of, and it’s marking the first of MadTree’s much anticipated bottle series, which will bring some great stuff to the masses of beer fans in Cincinnati.

The release starts when the brewery opens at noon on Thursday, and with the bottles only retailing for $11.99 coupled with the no bottle limit that the brewery has said will go with the release, this one’s going to go quick… so be there! You can see the event on the calendar here.

Axis Mundi Bottle Label

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