Fibonacci CoasterThere is a movement afoot around town that I like to call the “nano-movement” – it’s nothing new to craft beer, but much like everything else it’s just taking longer to reach us here in Cincinnati.  However… I feel that it’s going to be a really big part of what our beer scene becomes in the coming years.  Stay tuned in the coming month for a post that digs into the “nano-movement” more in depth, but for now, we’re just going to focus on the next one…. Fibonacci Brewing.  I’ve written a few things about them before, so if you aren’t familiar I will give you a few minutes to catch up on what’s been going on with them:

FibonacciBrewSystemNow that we’re all on the same page… Fibonacci has received the last of their licensing and has said that this weekend will be the first of them finally being able to brew some beer.  This immediately brings forth the question that I know is foremost on your mind as you read that: When are they opening?  This is not easily answered.  With a brewery that is of the nano-size they need more brew days than a bigger brewery might need to build up a supply of beer, keep in mind that it takes 10-15 times as many brew sessions for Fibonacci to brew what most breweries can brew in one.  So be patient, and know that I’ll let you know when the opening day has been set and you can put it on your calendar.

What we do know though is their beer.  Although the names are still being finalized we know that they have a few core beers that will be available and some seasonal offerings that are still being worked out.  Part of the beauty of running a nano-brewery is the ability to continually change and experiment with new beers, and tweaked recipes, so much like DogBerry Brewing, you can expect the tap lineup to change week to week…so if you ever see something that you are in love with – GO TRY IT before its gone forever!  That being said… here you go, the opening line-up of core beers


Fibonacci BrewingCore Beers:

  • American Stout
  • Imperial IPA
  • Belgian Tripel
  • Kolsch

There seasonals as I mentioned before are still in “flux” but as of right now, they are looking at doing something with a cream ale base – something “with strawberries” and one more that has yet to be determined.  I’ve also heard rumblings that Bob has a Russian Imperial Stout that will blow your socks off when he gets some time to brew it.

The near future looks to be very busy for Fibonacci, but they are hoping to give us a good idea of an opening date in the coming weeks… So stay tuned!  For anyone who has seen their space in the last few weeks, they can attest to the attention for detail that has been put into this brewery.  The blend of nature and science that they have captured represents exactly what the art of brewing is, and I can’t wait to see how they tie it all together with some of the smaller details.

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