Jungle JimIt’s a combination that people don’t give enough respect too… beer and cheese.  This tasting event from Jungle Jim’s combines it with one more aspect that to me, sets it above a lot of tasting events that you’ll see in the area, Chocolate.  They’re calling the event “The Sweet and The Savory” and their description reads:

Chocolate. And Cheese. What could be better? Our experts will be focusing on the most unique pairings of beer cheese and chocolate. There will be a wide array of different cheeses, as well as a selection of beers to pair with them. As always, we’ll have experts from the Beer Department and the Cheese Shop at the tasting to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the pairings. This tasting will be unlike anything else you’ve ever tried!

For it’s sheer creativity and use of pairings that most people wouldn’t try without some persuasion, this event is my selection this week for Event of the Week.  You can still get tickets online here – The tasting happens this Thursday at the Fairfield location.  Be there!

You can view the event here.

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