Urban Artifact BrewingYou might have seen the news about a couple new beers from Urban Artifact the other day, I thought that since the post sort of “got lost in the shuffle” of 4 other posts about the same thing, I’d give you something else to get you pumped about Urban Artifact and their future beer offerings.

If you’ve been to the brewery, or read about it at all, you know that they don’t do things “the normal way”.  If you don’t like that, you probably wont like this news either.  My favorite beer that they are currently doing is their Kodiak Brown Ale with Coffee.  The reason that I love this beer (aside from it being delicious, like all their beers) is that it’s a fun take on a style.  It is a normal beer, that is so off the wall not normal.

And they’re doing it again…

Word on the “streets” is that they have their first Double IPA in the works currently.  But… the way they do it at Urban Artifact isn’t the way they do it at Rhinegeist.  Yes this DIPA is going to be hopped up with a big dosage of Comet, Equinox and Pilgrim hops, but to keep it true to everything that the fans of Urban Artifact have come to love about the Northside brewery they are using Brettanomyces Claussenii.

About Brettanomyces Claussenii

For all of non Science people, here’s a quick introduction to Brettanomyces Claussenii.

This species of yeast is (of course) of the wild type, and is often found on the skins of fruit…it’s been around since it was first discovered in 1904 in the New Carlsburg Brewery, and has been used since in as a key component in some Belgian and sour ales.

The yeast tends to lend some delicious fruity pineapple like aromas to the finished product.

Read more about it here.

HippodromeAbout Urban Artifact’s First Double IPA

Back to what we’re here for… Beer.  This DIPA is going to be named after the great Hippodrome of Constantinople… since this isn’t a history blog, I’m not going to start tackling that topic.  You may, however, read about the Hippodrome here.

This beer sounds amazing to me.  The use of lots of late edition hops should lend a fantastic bouquet to the beer, with aromas of lemon, lime, grapefruit and maybe some apple and berry notes as well.

But the fun part is really that yeast.  With The Brett being used as the lone fermentation microbe, you can expect a lot more of the fruit character such as pineapple and tropical fruits.  This is going to be a perfect “IPA” for the summer months.

For all you style die-hards out there.  I and I’m sure Urban Artifacts talented brewing team apologize in advance…but for all you drinkers who LOVE something different… here ya go!

I will keep you guys updated on the beer and let you know when they have a release day scheduled!

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