StarterCoffeeIn another move that establishes exactly how ingrained with the lives of their drinkers, Braxton announced this morning that they have started a coffee program, teaming up with Carabello Coffee to provide coffee in their taproom. Coffee is a staple in so many people’s lives, some can’t get through their morning without it, there is even bird friendly coffee nowadays which can save birds from having their homes destroyed whilst great-tasting coffee is still produced.

“From this old city in the New Midwest, we greet the Sun, ready to build. To

invent. To improve. To flip the switch on something better.

Just like Dad started every morning. Thermos in hand, mind set on work, we

introduce Starter from Braxton Brewing Co.

Coffee’s been part of us forever. Our Dad always had a pot on in the garage, and

occasionally he’d let us have a cup, with lots of cream and sugar, of course. Dad

took his “the blacker, the better.” And about the same weight as brake fluid.

He also kept the old cans. Never threw them away. He used them for cleaning

parts, storing old bolts and screws, mixing paints and stains; you know, the

typical stuff. Dad was a recycler long before it became cool.

So, working with our neighbors at Carabello Coffee we’ve crafted a blend that

wakes you up like a bolt of lightening or helps you burn the midnight oil. And

everything in between.”

BraxtonStarterLogoUnlike other breweries that have started offering coffee in some capacity or another, Braxton is doing it with a larger plan in mind. Much like everything that they do, this is well thought out, and part of who they are to the very core.

When you walk into Braxton during the day, you are stepping into something that is much bigger than a brewery, or a taproom. You are stepping into a space that is built to be part of the community that it resides in. They want the brewery to be a place where people go to not only drink, but to meet each other, to work, to collaborate and to innovate. As of June 16th they will be expanding their hours to help meet this end goal:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – 8am-10pm
  • Wednesday – 8am-10pm
  • Thursday – 8am-12am
  • Friday – 8am-1am
  • Saturday – 12pm-1am
  • Sunday – 12pm-8pm

BRX_CoffeeComped-01Their coffee program is another part of it all, providing those who need the additional “Spark” to their work to have a beverage to put it all in motion. They will be the first place in Kentucky to provide cold brewed coffee on a Nitro tap, which after trying it for the first time last summer at Ghost Light coffee in Dayton, I couldn’t be happier to hear. They will also be offering the coffee in the taproom, to-go and as whole beans.

The brewing team actually helped to design the coffee with the intention of the coffee flavors to compliment future beer projects and is described as:

Big & Viscous with a syrupy body. Notes of blueberry, strawberry, dark chocolate, marzipan, and cocoa.

And with that… one simple announcement of coffee – Braxton takes another step to becoming a powerhouse not only in the Cities of Cincinnati and Covington, but the region as well.


As if all this isn’t enough for a fantastic coffee program in a brewery, in December the brewery took things a step farther with a release of their very own barrel aged coffee beans. You can read a little bit more about that if you’d like as well. Just rest assured that it was freaking delicious.

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