Moerlein-PushReelBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Push Reel
ABV- 5%
IBU- 30

Hanging laundry on the line, smoke rising from the grill, maneuvering the old reliable push reel mower through the backyard – the Bohemian malts and hops in this pilsner harken back to the hot days and slow nights of endless summers passed. Grab a cold Push Reel Pilsner and celebrate the past, toast the the future, and enjoy today.

The label says this beer is supposed to harken back to summer nights and hot days… it not only does it do that…it achieves it’s goal with flying colors.

The beer pours a slightly cloudy light straw yellow color with a nice big white head on top of your glass.

Aromas bring forth some really nice earthy, grassiness that’s kissed with just a slight hint of some fresh citrus fruit, and there is a floral blanket that just lies over the top of it all.

This is a really wonderful example of what pilsner can, and should be…it’s delicious… a true testament to what craft lagers can do… light and refreshing, while still being flavorful.

Push Reel Pilsner


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