Rhinegeist PumaBrewery- Rhinegeist
Beer- Puma
ABV- 5.2%
IBU- 40

Elegant and subtle, this hoppy pilsner balances bready malts with striking noble hops. Puma pilsner pounces with golden brilliance as floral aromatics punctuate each sip.

So many craft beer fans skip over pilsners when they are looking at what to drink, and I think that if you’re one of those people, you are doing yourself a major disservice.

Rhinegeist Puma is described on the can as being elegant and subtle, which is a perfect example for this light and soft beer.  The beer poured into a glass is extremely clear, with a light color of golden rays of sunshine.  It’s exactly where this beer shines for me…sitting in the sun, soaking up the summer warmth with a cold glass of pilsner…sunlight filtering through.  This is a beautiful beer to look at, with it’s big cap of white head perched above it’s golden depths.

When you inhale it’s light aromas you get hints of grass, and a light clean straw scent.  Underneath it all is a backbone of some wonderful citrus fruit.

It’s a beer for drinking in the summer heat.  A beer that proves not all pilsners are boring.

Rhinegeist Puma Label

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