It’s hard to argue the powerhouse that Jungle Jim’s International Market has become.  There are few stores that can rival the selection that both the Eastgare and “flagship” Fairfiled store have on hand, and this coupled with the low priced and constantly rotating growler/ tasting bars at each store have really set the store(s) apart from many others.

August marks the store’s 40th Anniversary and they are planning an extravaganza of events to celebrate the milestone.  The celebrations are set to kick off the week of August 17th culminating with a fireworks show at each store in the 22nd.  I will have more information on the specifics of the celebration in the coming weeks, but I wanted to get some exciting news out there first.

After a little hint of a tweet the other day, I did a little digging to find some information about the first ever collaboration beer that Jungle Jim’s has taken part in. They have teamed up with Fifty West to craft a beer that represents where the store has come from, to where the store is today.

This History of the Store Formed the Beer’s Backbone

If you’ve never heard the history of this food lovers Paradise, what you need to know is that the origin of the store lie in ‘Jungle’ Jim Bonaminio’s fruit stand that was started on the side of the road, 40 years ago.  After their initial talks with Fifty West, they knew that whatever beer they came up with, it was going to need to harken back to the fruit stand… This beer needed fruit.

The team came up with a beer that will assault the palates of craft beer fans, a pineapple IPA.  Fresh, refreshing, and Jungle Jim’s to the very core.

We can assume that the beer will be available during the week of the 17-22nd, but until I hear some solid proof of that I will just leave it as speculation for now.  Stay tuned for more details!

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