Fibonacci Wooden LogoIs there anything that gets this city more excited than a new brewery opening? The answer is that there are very few things that do, so it should come as no surprise that I went with the Grand Opening of Cincinnati’s newest craft brewery.

Fibonacci is a nano-brewery, meaning they produce beer on a small scale, in their case 2 barrels at a time. This doesn’t mean that what they are doing isn’t as special as the “big guys”. I would argue that there are things that a nano-brewery can do that some of the bigger breweries in town could never do and make profitable, giving a brewery like Fibonacci a freedom that can’t be had with a bigger system. I’m not going to dwell on why you should be doing to the brewery, after all, you can read all about them all over this blog and make that determination yourself. What I will talk about is their Grand Opening party.

The Party.

Fibonacci’s doors finally open to the thirsty public this weekend, July 11th at noon. The public will finally get their chance to see what Bob and Betty Bollas have been cooking up for ten hours on Saturday and finally see if the hype was worth it (my hint…it is.) The party will feature live musical entertainment, and some delicious food as well (more on that in a minute.) While you are at the party, make sure you jump in on one of the tours to get a chance to venture down to the basement of the brewery where you’ll be able to see their brew system, their “winery” and get a little glimpse into how beer gets made.

Fibonacci Beer TapsThe Beer.

I’ve talked about it before, but if you haven’t been reading, I’ll give you a quick recap. They have four beers in what they are calling their “foundational series” and one seasonal:

The Foundational Series

  • Earth Daisy – Double IPA
  • The Tollhouse – American Stout
  • Oberhausen – Kolsh
  • Dummy Tripel – Belgian Style Tripel


  • Compton – Strawberry Cream Ale

Fibonacci with FoodTruckHungry?

There isn’t anything worse than a day of drinking when you don’t have any food in your stomach. Luckily Fibonacci has the Che! Empanada food truck stopping by to share some of their delicious food with the crowd. They will be selling a delicious assortment of food that will be featured at their upcoming restaurant, Che! when it opens its doors in OTR this summer. Be sure to head outside and give it a go while you’re at the party. They’ve put a lot of time and heart into this new restaurant to make sure it goes off without a hitch, including ensuring that they have all the right equipment like commercial sinks, fridges, and freezers, cold storage, etc. to cater to the needs of the customers and make sure that they enjoy the food, the beer, and the atmosphere.

A word to the wise… beer is limited. Fibonacci is being very careful to make sure that they do not overdo what they are capable of, and being that this is the first weekend that they are open, they aren’t 100% sure of what that is. So they have limits set on how much of each beer they will be selling, so there is a chance if you aren’t there early… you might miss out on something and have to come back next weekend.

Just keep it in mind! You can find the event on the calendar here.

Fibonacci Grand Opening Party Saturday, 7/11/15 from 12pm-10pm


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