ShadeTapI’m going to have a problem this summer.  You see…I have it all worked out, with my go-to pool beer being Sol Drifter.  It all has been working perfect the last two summers, but the fella’s down at MadTree have decided to go and throw a wrench in to my plan this year.  Actually, they’ve decided to throw a can into my plan I suppose.  Coming later this month is Shade, a Gose-style beer from the Cincinnati Brewery in nice little 12oz cans, perfect for all your warm weather gatherings.

Shade comes in at 4.6% which should make it fit right in that perfect sweet spot for a session-able daytime drinker, and with the addition of blackberries I’m going to guess that it’ll taste a bit like the collaboration that they did with Listermann last year called MadMann, which was flipping awesome.

So keep your eyes peeled, the release date is scheduled as Thursday, July 23rd which should leave you a few hot weather drinking days to down quite a few of these in the shade of a hot sunny day!

EDIT: the response to this beer has been amazing, and you can read my description of it over here. If you haven’t tried it yet… Go, try it!

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