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 If you haven’t been paying attention, Braxton is launching their first lager this afternoon called ‘Twisted Bit’.  This Dortmunder is going to be a great fit into a craft beer market that at times is very lacking of great lagers, and while that’s all fine and dandy, and I could most definitely write an entire post about how great their lagering program is going to be for Cincinnati, I’m taking this a different route.

This is about a beer glass.

I have written about glassware a couple times in the past (here and here) so you might know that I have a little bit of an obsession with beer glassware.  As my wife can attest with the sheer volume of different glassware that is stored around our house, I’m a bit of a nut. More specifically, I’m insane about using proper glassware to serve your beer, wether you are in your home, or out at your favorite taproom.

I saw today that Braxton has plans along with this first lager to launch something else, with not as much fanfare as the beer… a glass to put them in.  At first, this might not seem like something worth noting, but I encourage you to take a step back and look at what this means for the bigger picture.  This is a brewery that could have one glass, a standard pint sized something that they are pouring all their beers in, but they have elected to put that extra bit of effort into how the consumer is experiencing their product.

This really shouldn’t be passed over quickly, and I feel like more breweries need to take note of this.  I understand the bottom line of stocking several different kinds of logoed glassware to serve your beers in, but I also see a much bigger picture of how this is putting your beer into peoples hands.

There is a ton of research showing that serving a drink in a properly designed glass will improve the taste of that drink…but yet, we are still serving beer that has been finely crafted, with hours of blood sweat and tears poured into it (eww, not literally) in plastic cups or shaker pints, and I think Braxton, and other breweries who are following similar thought paths should be commended for taking the extra step for us drinkers to enjoy our beverages to the highest degree that we can.

About Sahm Glassware

Keeping with their trend of high quality glassware, the lager glass is manufactured by Germany’s Sahm Glassware, this company has been around since 1900 and has been focusing on beer glassware for decades, and in my opinion is one of the best (Love their Sensorik glass that you can also find at Braxton).  The company is fourth generation owner operated and knows their beer glassware science.

I hope more and more breweries start making note of this and following suit.  How are your beers being presented, and is there a way that this could be done better?

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about Braxton Brewing Company, you can of course read about them here on the blog…or check out their webpage.  Also, make note… CincyBrewCast will be broadcasting live from the taproom on August 9th, so put it on your calendar and come out to take part!

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