rhinegeist-hopkitBrewery- Rhinegeist/Sun King
Beer- Emergency Hop Kit
Style- IPA
ABV- 6.6%
IBU- 69

The road between Rhinegeist and Sun King traverses 110 miles – a long way to go without a beer. Whichever end of the road you find yourself at, you’ll be happy to find Emergency Hop Kit. A marriage of the best characteristics from Osiris Pale Ale and our Truth IPA, Emergency Hop Kit offers punchy citrus flavors with supporting notes of pine and tropical fruit.

This beer might have been the first collaboration that Rhinegeist did outside of Cincinnati, but it’s still very much right in Rhinegeist’s wheelhouse.  Hoppy, bright, fresh, west coast through and through – this is nothing if it’s not a great tasting IPA.

My Thought’s On Emergency Hop Kit

The beer pours a slightly hazy golden color with a big white head perched on top of the glass.

Aromas are lots of tropical fruit, especially a punch of grapefruit.  There is also a nice well rounded grassiness behind it, lending a summery quality that I really enjoyed.

The taste is solid west coast IPA, lots of tropical fruit flavors, but a nice dry finish letting the hops jump out right in front.  Perfect drink if you have a thirst for hops that you are looking to quench.


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