For those of you who, like myself, are admitted lovers of Firkin beer, great news comes out of Braxton Brewing this morning.  They are letting up know that the last Friday of every month will be celebrated in the taproom with Firkin Friday.


So… What’s a Firkin anyways?

In beer terms, a Firkin is a small cask used to naturally carbonate, and usually to infuse a beer with other flavors.  If you’ve had any beers from MadTree’s Hoff Stevens line, or tried any of the infusions that Mt. Carmel has put out, you’ll be familiar with some of the firkins that we’ve seen around town.  The process of natural carbonation means that the beer is put into the keg while there is still active yeast fermenting inside.  The process of fermentation, in addition to creating alcohol, also creates co2, which while trapped inside the cask, will dissolve into the solution… and alas… carbonation!

What’s in store for the first Firkin Friday?

Braxton has teamed up with Maverick Chocolate company to produce their first ever firkin this week.  They are tapping a version of their Blown Gasket Robust Porter that has been infused with cocoa nibs and fresh oranges.

The beer goes on at 5pm… and it will only last while the firkin does, so get there to try it!  It goes without saying that this will make for some exciting, and very limited beers for you to try from the brilliant brewing team behind some really great infused beers that we’ve seen such as Kentucky Home (Mint, and Sugar infused into Storm cream ale and bourbon barrel aged) Coffee Dead Blow (Braxton’s proprietary coffee blend infused in Dead Blow Tropical Stout) and the latest, DevouBrew (Storm infused with cucumbers, lime and mint.)

Stay Tuned!

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