There are few things that get my little gnome-heart beating as quickly as the thought of a new beer, especially one from a brewery that is putting out as consistently delicious stuff as Braxton is.  They sent out an email today to their subscribers letting us all know that this Friday (Yes, as in this week!) they will be debuting a limited release beer called DevouBrew.


Here’s what we know – it’s a take on their Golden Cream Ale, Storm, that they have infused with cucumbers, lime and mint.  If you had a chance to try their Kentucky home on derby weekend, you know that Storm lends itself extremely well to playing with infused flavors and I’m finding myself extremely excited and curious to see how the cucumber comes across.  They are using the beer to do some good as well, with a dollar from each pint going to support the DevouGrass Festival’s charities.  DevouGrass is a big music festival that features some really great local music, local artisan vendors, food…etc.   The festival is free and all proceeds from donations and merchandise sales will go to support the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky’s (CHNK) youth addiction treatment programs.  (Last years festival raised $10,000).  So you can rest assured that you are doing good by going and getting yourself a pint this Friday!

OctoberFuelInvestigative Drinker

I try very hard to not further any rumors that don’t have confirmed truth to them.  That being said, part of what makes all this fun is the speculation on some stuff.  I posted a keg collar that I found called DevouBrew which had it labeled as a Vienna Lager… with the stipulation that it doesn’t really mean that that was what we were going to see, which as you can see…isn’t.  So keeping that in mind, I have some more fun for you to ponder over.

This little gem popped up recently, and coupled with the word that we’re going to see a Octoberfest Lager from our favorite Covington family makes me think that there might be some truth to this one.  I present – OctoberFuel an Octoberfest Lager from Braxton.  I think it’s still important to note that this doesn’t mean it’s final… especially since this keg collar is still one of the original ones that has ‘Sparky’ bearing it’s pre-change name of ‘Jumper’.

But it’ll give you something to dream about for the next few weeks until we hear more!  Cheers!

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