Moerlein-BayofBengalBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Bay of Bengal
ABV- 8.9%
IBU- 126

The remaining wilderness surrounding the Indian Ocean’s Bay of Bengal is the last great stronghold for earth’s most formidable terrestrial predator: the Bengal Tiger. Aggressively hopped, yet surprisingly delicate, this Double India Pale Ale offers a juxtaposition of two opposing forces. Crack open a can. Cry out with a roar. Revel in the partnership of the ferocious and the serene. Enjoy.

It has been said before that every brewery needs a big IPA… I don’t know if that’s true, but there was most definitely a part of me that smiled when I heard that this was going to be the first can from Christian Moerlein’s limited release can series that kicked off in late 2014.

The beer is a wonderful big flavored IPA, that really shines when you crack one open fresh.  There is a big citrus character that is reined back in by a nice heavy malt profile.  This is a dangerous beer, while it’s almost 9 percent it drinks like a beer that is much less than that.  Certainly something to be careful of when you are watching the Bengals and putting a couple of these back at the same time.

Moerlein - Bay Of Bengal

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