Listermann-Shamrock ShakeBrewery- Listermann
Beer- Shamrock Shake
Style – Irish Cream Stout
ABV- 5.5%

What happens when you make a liquid version of a bowl of a certain favorite children’s cereal? According to Eric’s Cereal Blog, it’s a bottle of our Shamrock Shake. Shamrock Shake’s appearances are as mystifying and magical as a leprechaun’s. From Half St. Patty’s Day to Anniversary Parties and everywhere in between, you never know when Shamrock Shake is going to make an appearance. Make sure to follow us on social media to know when this beer is going to make an appearance, as well as our barrel aged version!


This beer usually rolls out of the brewery a couple times a year. St. Patrick?s day usually sees some, and then ?half St Patrick?s Day? will often get a release too (that?s September 17th if you don?t know). The beer was first released (I believe) for St. Patrick?s day in 2013, and made it?s way into bottles the first time on Half St. Patrick?s day 2015. Since then, it?s seen several releases and has become an integral part to St. Patrick?s Day celebrations all across Cincinnati. It’s one way to get a real taste of Ireland at this time of year, if you can’t afford to travel there to take part in the local celebrations. Travelling to Ireland should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially the Cliffs of Moher tour, so try to make it there one year if you can.

It?s no wonder that this beer was rated as one of the best Dry Irish Stouts on Ratebeer as well as getting a shout out in Draft Magazine… it?s damn good, and a welcome change from the fizzy light green beer that so many people slug down on St. Paddy?s.


  • Shamrock Shake With Coffee
  • Barrel Aged Shamrock Shake
  • Barrel Aged Shamrock Shake with Coffee
  • Imperial Shamrock Shake
  • Imeprial Shamrock Shake With Coffee

My Thoughts On Shamrock Shake

In the glass, this pours a dark, deep brown – in most light it is black as the night. The head on top is frothy, brown stiff foam. Beautiful stout to look at, let alone drink.

The aromas are big roasty nuttiness and a deep rich milk chocolate. If you find a little chilly air in your St. Patrick?s day celebration, this is going to hit the spot really perfect.

The taste is rich and ?fluffy? if that make sense. It doesn?t sit heavy on the palate. The Irish Cream reminds me of a shot of baileys poured into a cup of hot chocolate. It?s rich and filling without feeling heavy. I love this beer. There is a really nice roastiness that holds it all together. Delicious.

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