The weather is getting colder, fall is most definitely setting in full force, and while you might be enjoying can after can of MadTree’s cantastic ‘The Great PumpCan’ there are beers that you should be keeping your eye on – the latest of which we just found out about… Pilgrim.  This has always been a draft-only offering from the Cincinnati brewery, but it looks like there is a good chance we might see it on our favorite bottle shop shelves this year.

Although… it’s important to note that just because they can put it out, that doesn’t mean they necessarily will do it.  

EDIT: the official word from MadTree is that we won’t be seeing this until the fall of 2016 most likely.

The can reads:

Pale Ale brewed with Walnuts and Cranberries, Vanilla Beans and natural flavors added.

We also know that this beer only uses Pilgrim hops in its recipe, along with a solid base of malts, including some flaked barley for a big full mouthfeel.  I love this beer every year, and it’s exciting to see this label come out!  MadTree is proving that 2015 is going to be their biggest year to date with releases…some really great stuff has made it’s way out their door so far – and we still have a few more months to go!  I cannot wait to see what Thundersnow versions will pop up this winter!


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