PepoIt’s time for another seasonal from Mt. Healthy’s own Fibonacci Brewing Company!  The nano-brewery is releasing their a new beer, called Pepo, a Pumpkin Porter this week on Thursday at 5pm.  Yeah, you heard that right…Thursday!  If you didn’t know, October meant that the brewery added another day to their open schedule, putting them up to three days now.

The beer comes in at about 6% abv and has a nice dosing of pumpkin flavor to ring in fall the proper way in Cincinnati.  Owners Betty and Bob Bollas tell me that the beer is creamy with some notes of chocolate to go right along with the pumpkin.  If you’ve tried their fantastic American Stout, The Tollhouse, then you know that they are capable of making some killer dark beers, so I’m pretty “pumped” (see what I did there?) to give this one a try the next time I make it out to their taproom.

The name, like their previous seasonal (which is still on tap) Piper comes from the scientific name of Pumpkins and Squash, Curcubita Pepo… which if you don’t know much about Fibonacci yet, they have a theme that ties the brewing process to Math, Science and the Fibonacci Sequence.

If you’re planning on heading out to the taproom in October, I can’t help but recommend that you hit up the Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall while you’re in town.  Located just blocks away from the taproom on Seward Rd, it’s a local favorite.  If you bring in canned goods, you can get a discount on your tickets.  Head over to the website for more information.  Pumpkin beer… haunted houses… chilly weather… football… I think it might be time to finally admit to ourselves that Summer has passed and it’s time for fall!

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