Hey!  Things are looking good over at Mt. Healthy’s Fibonacci Brewing… they’ve only been open since July, and have already made a splash in the local scene, even with their nano size.  They are continuing their conquest of Mt. Healthy with a new seasonal beer this weekend called Piper.

New Fibonacci Beer, PiperAbout The Beer

Piper is a Peppercorn Saison.  Saison is a style that has a ton of Belgian yeast character, often giving it a spicy or fruity character, and the addition of a nice spicy peppercorn should round the beer out perfectly for these last few hot weeks of summer.  I can only imagine that it will go well sitting at their big picnic tables on their patio.

The name breaks their trend of Mt Healthy themed names with something more along their “nature roots” – Piper is short for the scientific name for peppercorns, Piperaceae. According to the new Fibonacci Brewing website, it’s also known as the pepper family, which are a large family of flowering plants. The group contains roughly 3,600 currently accepted species in 13 genera. Piper nigrum is the most well known and yields most peppercorns that are used as spices, including black pepper, although its relatives in the family include many other spices. (And my Mom told me all this beer drinking would never get me anywhere… see Mom, I’m learning!)

The Beer is 5.4% ABV and comes in with 37IBUs – make sure you get out to the brewery, they are open on Friday’s finally, perfect timing for New Fibonacci Beer!

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