Cidergeist-DryHoppedBrewery- Rhinegeist
Cider- Cidergeist – Dry Hopped
ABV- 6.2%
IBU- 0

Dry hopped with Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest for citrus aromatics, this fine dry cider builds layers of delight upon the essence of the apples.

Rhinegeist’s Dry Hopped version of their “cidergeist” has a glassful of wonderful citrus and apple aromas that is like nothing else I’ve tried before. It confuses my nose to what beverage sits in front of me, in a very good way.

The flavor is full of fresh fruit… citrus and apple play with each other in a field of flowers.  A delight to the palate and the nose alike, this honestly makes me think a little deeper about what a cider can be, and what could happen if we let these worlds of ciders and beers a little closer to each other as they have been up until now.

I can’t even being to express how welcome this is here in the Cincinnati market… it’s a game changer as far as I’m concerned about what beverages can be crafted by our local brewers.


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