Cidergeist-SemiDryBrewery- Rhinegeist
Cider- Cidergeist – Semi-Dry
ABV- 6.2%
IBU- 0

Cider fermented to amplify the fragrance and essence of the apples whilst achieving a delightful, lip-smacking dryness..

Rhinegeist’s Semi-Dry version of their “cidergeist” hard cider pours into the glass with a burst of apple aroma that fills the air with a freshness that alone would be worth cracking one of these cans open.  It’s a golden color with a very tiny quickly dissipating head.

The cider smells like an apple orchard, full of fresh smelling apples and an earthiness that seems to weigh it all down.

This cider is most definitely sweet, but not over the top like some other ciders I’ve tried before.  It’s well rounded with an underlying earthiness, making this enjoyable even for a non-cider fan like I have always claimed myself to be.  Very good, especially entering in to the fall, it screams of cool nights to me.


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